Friday, 13 April 2012

Igorrr - Nostril

Just by looking at the album art, you know you'll be getting into something weird. Igorrr, real name Gautier Serre, is a French breakcore artist. I actually prefer to call his music "Baroquecore", since that's what his music sounds like. He's not solely influenced by baroque music either, though. He's also heavily influenced by death metal, funny enough. He has an even weirder Grindcore side project called Whourkr that I recommend checking out. Anyway, let's talk about this album. He likes to use samples. A lot of them. Copious amounts of operatic samples can be heard throughout, as well as death metal growls mixed in with them. The operatic vocals are usually messed with making them sound darker than normal. It's a really interesting contrast to hear, and it somehow works. The drums on this run really fast and are really chopped and fucked with, keeping them always varied. The baroque instrumentation is usually untouched, making another interesting contrast that somehow works. If you're looking for fucked up classical music or just want to see it in a very different light, check this sick Frenchman out.

8 out of 10 people will like this.

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