Sunday, 22 January 2012

TotW - Boris - Missing Pieces

This song came from one of Boris' albums from last year, Heavy Rocks. I've known about this song for a while, but lately it really started to grow on me and I now consider it to be one of my favourite songs of the last year. Boris is a Japanese band that really tries out a lot of different sounds from different genres. Most of their albums sound completely different from one another. They mainly produce Stoner Rock, Drone Metal, and Sludge with many influences from other genre like Shoegaze and Post-Rock. This song falls under the Post-Rock/Stoner Rock genre (probably, I suck at genres). This song really gets me pumped up, which is rare for any song to do. I start head-banging like if I was at a live show. The instrumentation is really great. Right from the get-go, the guitar pulls these strings inside me that make me feel, well, I don't really know. I can't explain it properly. This track is a little lengthy for some, passing the twelve minute mark, but to me, it starts and finishes very quickly. Love the shit out of this.

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