Saturday, 21 January 2012

Anamanaguchi @ Il Motore

Last night, I went to the first show of the year for me, and what a show it was. Anamanaguchi was the headlining band with Extreme Animals and Moon King opening for them. And the show itself was really cheap ($12) so it was impossible to pass up. I went with a few friends, so it made the hour of waiting a little more bearable. Moon King was the first band up, and I wasn't really impressed. They are the prototypical lame opening act. I wouldn't have been that bad if all the songs didn't sound the same. It felt like I was listening to the same thing over and over. At least it was hilarious.

Speaking of hilarious, Extreme Animals was up next. I'm pretty speechless about this band. I was speechless because I couldn't stop laughing. They basically play weird mixes of famous songs with a projectors flashing random imagery on the screen. And the final song was a Harry Potter remix with the weirdest video I have ever seen and several inflatable pumpkins rose up from seemingly nowhere with the words never forget on it. Well, I certainly won't forget an act like that.

And after a little more waiting, I finally got to see Anamanaguchi. They were at the top of their game, playing some of their bigger hits like "Penpal" and "Blackout City". After the first song they threw a ton of glow sticks into the crowd. At some point after a couple of songs, one of the band members says something about getting stopped at the borders with drugs, guns and a pink switchblade, which the officer sternly frowned upon. He told them that they had to cover a Canadian artist. So they "covered" Nickleback. But really they just played what they usually play, and thank God for that.

Oh and I got myself some Anamanaguchi swag.

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